Conference 2022


About NetZeroBuild Summit

The NetZeroBuild Summit is the first large-scale Midwest conference dedicated to zero energy and zero carbon construction.

As we move towards a future where sustainability and rising energy prices play an increasingly important role in the design, development and construction of our built environment, the concept of net-zero buildings (NZBs) is gaining momentum in the architectural industry, the wider material supply chain and of course, with facility owners (e.g. manufacturing OEMs). The agenda of the NetZeroBuild Summit will be designed to facilitate thought-provoking discussion between all these relevant stakeholders and provide the knowledge and contacts to deliver innovative and economically practical NZB projects.

Smarter Shows is excited to host a dedicated networking forum for the building community to discuss this radical and powerful concept.




Why attend?

NetZeroBuild Summit 2022 brings together the net-zero community in the Midwest to discuss challenges, opportunities, innovations, policy changes and other developments regarding net-zero design, energy, construction, materials and building operations.

  • Discover how to successfully implement and deliver a commercial net-zero build project
  • Learn the direction of travel on the green building revolution, and identify future commercial opportunities
  • Understand the next generation of high-performance, energy efficient buildings, and meet the people who’ll design and build them
  • Source cutting-edge solutions and products to enable you to deliver sustainable, cost-effective, building projects
  • Discover how to reduce energy consumption in commercial facilities whilst enhancing operational productivity
  • Understand which technical systems have the greatest potential to improve energy efficiency, for both commercial and residential buildings
  • Insights and case studies demonstrating how energy efficiency programmes can be leveraged to achieve corporate strategic objectives
  • Discuss the opportunity for buildings to be transformed into microgrids, enabling the mass adoption of renewable energy and electric vehicles
  • Actionable insight to you access financial resources introduced to support building performance upgrades and renewable energy installations
  • Understand the significance of embodied carbon reduction efforts on your sustainable building value propositions



Who will you meet?


  • Building owners (commercial, residential, healthcare, government, academic)
  • Utilities
  • Construction and engineering
  • Material suppliers
  • Tools and service suppliers
  • City planners
  • Regulators and certifiers
  • Policy makers
  • (Local) government
  • Academics
  • Not-for-profits

Decision-makers focusing on

  • Architecture and design
  • Building operations and facility management
  • Electrification
  • Engineering
  • Innovation
  • Planning
  • Policy
  • Renewable energy
  • Sustainability



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