webinar report july

JUNE 28 – 30, 2022


Post Webinar Report


On Tuesday July 6, the organizers of the NetZeroBuild Summit delivered the second NetZeroBuild Summit webinar in its webinar series. We would like to thank Walker-Miller Energy Services for sponsoring this fireside chat. During the interview, Carla Walker-Miller shared her views and expertise on many topics related to future renewable energy and energy management and which steps need to be made now in order to achieve renewable energy for everyone in the community.

One of the questions we asked Carla was how diversity, equity and inclusion be encouraged and what can industry do to support this? “[…] The level of intentionality that is going to have to be introduced into the market to make energy efficiency, the clean energy economy, the fight against climate change totally inclusive is huge. You started of by talking about the policies, the things that the state has done and national president Biden is doing are incredible things to address climate change but if these are not intentionally directed toward particular communities, we will not embrace it. Because, the message has to be loud and clear and systemic. We’re going about our business in our daily lives and if the opportunity to embrace the clean energy industry, is not part of our daily lives then we don’t engage. The systemic transformation that’s going on in this country right now towards clean energy in just the last year is incredible, but there has to be targeted and inclusive messaging. we are already on the road to new policies, policies that say ‘this is where we are going full speed ahead’ but how are we going to engage the most disconnected communities? The asset limited communities? The black and brown communities? We have to have systems solutions and efforts. When I started to learn driving, seatbelts were optional, but through public, private and government efforts, there was this huge intentional push to convince people that seatbelts save lives. Now, you don’t think about buckle up your seatbelts without thinking. […] We need to make energy efficiency, clean energy, the fight against climate change just that real and that personal to every single person. When we talk about work force development, we need to make it clear to all of our communities that the job growth and new business growth is in the clean energy economy.”
The webinar zoomed in on many other challenges including local challenges, economic benefitsclimate change and equal workforce development. The webinar concluded with a number of audience questions that were asked to Carla via the Q&A option.