Summit Summary


NetZeroBuild Summit 2020 was an all virtual affair!

We had a great time hosting our speakers on our digital stage and we are proud to reflect upon some amazing sessions with brilliant insights shared by our expert panels on how to move forward the movement to create healthy, sustainable buildings for all.

Net-zero is gaining more and more awareness, but from the points shared during our conference sessions, a lot of education is still required in order to take net-zero to the next level.

The conference highlighted the significant amount of innovations that have already happened in the areas of construction, renewable energy, building operations and so much more, which is only the tip of the iceberg of promising solutions that are out there in order to build and retrofit healthy buildings for all.

The event covered all things net-zero: from embodied carbon, to energy management, to building envelopes, to green financing – and everything in between!

Some of our highlights include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Achieving Competitive Advantage by Incorporating Green Features in Design, Construction, Building Systems and Practices
  • Achieving Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Through Adaptive Reuse and Retrofitting Strategies
  • Delivering an Energy Efficiency Strategy in Commercial Facilities
  • Financing the Future of Sustainable Buildings

Are you an architect, building owner, solution or service provider, design professional or do you have a great interest in net-zero buildings and energy management? Are you looking to educate yourself further on how to design, construct and manage healthy offices, multi-family buildings and commercial facilities?

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