Covid-19 Industry Report 


Measuring the impact of Covid-19 on the net-zero sector

With the world forced to adjust to a new reality the NetZero Summit team reached out to the community to better understand how the Covid-19 pandemic is impacting business and what the effects and consequences may be in the longer term. 

Close to 200 key stakeholders from the Midwest’s green build community took part in a survey and participated in the first live webinar; Measuring the Impact of Covid-19 on the Net-zero Sector. Now you can read the unique industry report.

Read the unique report to discover:

  • How net-zero approaches could assist in the recovery period and allow us to get back faster
  • The change in energy usage during this period and what this means for sustainable grids and education for net-zero
  • How the current positive impact on the environment could affect the future adoption of net-zero

The report is a benchmark of the status of the sector as of early May 2020 and will take you on a journey starting well before the outbreak, taking in the current status and conditions of the market and how the key contributors from our survey and webinar view the future of the net-zero sector.

Webinar: Live Discussion 

Missed out on our recent webinar; Measuring the Impact of Covid-19 on the Net-zero Sector?

A live discussion with a panel of experts examining the key outcomes from the survey.

Panel of experts:

  • Ken Nielsen – President, The Nielsen Group
  • Lois Vitt Sale – Senior Vice President, Sustainability, Wight & Company
  • Matt Grocoff - Principal, THRIVE Collaborative
  • Amy Ashley Butler – Director of Sustainability, Michigan State University


Watch the webinar on demand


Industry Survey 

A range of industry stakeholders responded to our survey from across the community including:

Architectural and design firms            Local governments                   Federal organisations

Environment and energy agencies     Construction contractors         Suppliers   

The survey results gave an insight into how the pandemic is impacting business and the key outcomes are covered in the webinar.